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Relaxation Massage



Stretch Class

"Dedicated to your health, wellbeing  and connecting you with your quintessential self."

Flow Massage in Wanaka integrates diverse massage techniques from deep tissue massage to relaxation massage in Wanaka, Thai and Beat Massage, believing that the fluidity in the massage approach can deliver an experience faithful to each particular moment and needs for each individual. One of the most talked about Massage spots in Wanaka.

Massage has been present in human life for more than 2000 years, used by different ancient cultures, western and eastern, in family circles or practiced by a professional to release tension and stress,  promote balance, treat pain and maintain health. Massage is a basic human need, it keeps us connected to one another.

Flow Massage Wanaka is a therapy oriented to provide a holistic massage in Wanaka, connecting body, soul and mind nourishing them to promote a deep sensation of wellbeing. It's focused on creating balance and awareness to be abundantly present in ourselves through massage.


We offer a different experience each time, individual like the present moment when it is given, where music and ambience it's a very important part of it,  it's a unique journey guided by an exquisite selection of music and aromas, pace by your breathing guiding you through joy and pain, emotions and observation helping to unblock the energy in yourself. Flow Massage in Wanaka is committed to inspire, uplift and connect you with your essence through massage.


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Relaxation Experience



Massage in Wanaka, Lake Hawea.



Monday - Friday   9am–8pm
Saturday               9am–5pm
Sunday                 9am–2pm

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