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Massage Therapist 

My name is Tatiana Butleroff, I am a massage therapist with more than seven years of experience, well established in Wanaka and Lake Hawea for the last five years providing sports massage, myofascial release and trigger point techniques. Since very young I have been interested in the human body and wellbeing, working in the fitness and wellness field for more than fifteen years as a personal trainer, fitness, Yoga, Stretching and Pilates instructor.


I also have been trained in other modalities like Thai Massage (Chiang Mai Old Medicine Hospital Massage School) and Beat Massage (formed in Argentina by therapist Mario Navarro).


My philosophy is to understand the human being as a complex unity where any unbalance in the trilogy body/soul/mind would have an impact in our life, finding that to reach our wellbeing is not enough to be pain free, it is about a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential, where massage has a main role.

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Massage could have different orientations, one of my favourite ones is to conceive the massage as an experience, where each ingredient of it has a relevant function, the mood, the synergy created by therapist and client, the music, the ambience and the aromas and all of them synchronise to create a unique moment.

Our body is not just bones and muscles, a material representation, in it we also hold emotions, feelings, memories, and trauma that could emerge and be released. With massage we can reconnect with ourselves, develop more consciousness and at the same time we could connect with a more transcendental dimension of life. I like to think about massage like a meditation where the eternal present is acknowledged, when the mind unwinds it is a continuous murmuring to give us more freedom to feel and let go; a meditation shared by the client and the therapist.

During my years studying for a Literature degree, I learnt and bonded with the holistic vision of indigenous cultures. They perceive and understand the connection between every single thing that exists: nature, you, me us, our ancestors, the universe, and each part can't exist separately from the oneness that we all together integrate. In these cultures, they practised ceremonies, space that lets us express ourselves in a way that we might not normally be able to access and at the same time helps us to realign with nature and cosmos and find our place into the world again. Perceiving massage as a ritual creates a sacred place that takes us from our ordinary life.

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