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Therapeutic Massage

Remedial massage is used to address specific soft tissue (muscle, tendons, ligaments and fascia) injuries and dysfunctions in the body and can be a very effective way of influencing the structure and functioning of the body, preventing and recovering injuries. The techniques provided in this massage are Myofascial release, trigger points technique and/or cupping. It could be used efficiently to treat migraines, back pain, frozen shoulder and other symptoms.

Flow Massage

Holistic massage oriented to relax and unwind, release tension and open blockages, session that flows between therapeutic massage, Thai techniques (including use of Tok Sen), relaxation and Beat massage to expand your awareness.

Pregnancy Massage

We provide a relaxing massage to help rebalance the body and release tension through the body during pregnancy and post-pregnancy. A special pregnancy table makes this treatment a very special treat. Please when booking this service write a note asking for pregnancy massage.


On Site

•      45 minutes massage   $100

•      60 minutes massage   $115

•      90 minutes massage   $150

•      120 minutes massage $220


Mobile Massage

•      60 minutes massage   $140

•      90 minutes massage   $180

•      120 minutes massage $240


(Plus sub-charge if the location is further than 15km from Wanaka). 


Please ask for mobile massage options for sports events, bridal parties or any other occasion where you would like to include massage services. Contact us to discuss customised options.

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