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"After all, massage is a tool
to explore our bodies,
our feelings, our philosophy of life.
It is a journey,
to the heart of our being,
is an embodied meditation to connect
with your soul " 

Tatiana Butleroff
Massage Therapist

A little story about me 

My name is Tatiana, and I am a massage therapist, face sculptor, fitness instructor, and literature professor.

You might wonder "why literature?" but my love for letters and language is intertwined with the world of massage.

Let me explain why:

Touch is like ancient communication. Every treatment is a work of art that involves our emotions and intentions, creating a magical moment that takes us away from reality...

....Much like a great story would do.

During my teenage years, I received the news that I had scoliosis, which led me to attend physiotherapy and do exercises to correct it. This was the first time the notion that the body is flexible and our posture can change came into my life. I knew we can improve our strength and speed through training, but I was surprised to discover that we could also transform our posture and, therefore, the way we carry ourselves in life.


This revelation is what I called "my first conscious transformation" and it inspired me to study fitness in my twenties. I learned that the human body is always seeking balance to stay alive. Later on, training in the Pilates method further enriched my understanding that our habits not only shape us but that our will also holds the power to shape those very habits. The consistent practice of yoga in my thirties added an extra layer of mindfulness and spirituality. My massage journey intensified around that time, starting as a receiver and later becoming a provider.


I fell in love with the possibility of helping others feel better through touch. Following Confucius's famous quote, I embarked on this wonderful profession, where I get to "touch" people's lives and help them unfold their own inherent healing gift.

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life"


A couple of years ago, Iife's magical serendipities made me meet @Olga_faceup. Our paths crossed when she came to see me as a client. She is a lovely and talented face sculpting practitioner and, in May 2023, I had the opportunity to train with her and learn this technique.


Once again, I fell in love with the possibility of helping others with my hands, joining energies towards feeling and looking better. I rediscovered that the body is a malleable system, open to change and thirsty for regeneration.

Face sculpting invites for a transformation that is far from superficial. It is a holistic way to take charge of ourselves, creating habits that reshape the way we face the world.


Understanding that our body is our "best buddy," always looking after us, is a precious fact. We can reciprocate our body's unconditional love by nourishing it with healthy food, loving it, being mindful of our emotions and how they affect us, treating it as our home, and exercising it kindly.

I would love for you to be part of this journey of self-love and regeneration.

I would love for you to Flow and Glow from the inside out.


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