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The untold story of a flickering light

 We all know how powerful music can be. It can instantly change our mood and take us on a trip down memory lane. Light works similarly to music but on a deeper level.

Now, think about the amazing things that could happen when music and light combine to calm, balance and stimulate our minds.

a transcendental healing experience

 *pair it with massage or book it on its own

Here's the scoop:

PandoraStar is a brainwave entertainment that utilises advanced LED technology to induce various states of consciousness, from deep relaxation to meditative clarity.

It works by emitting different frequencies that induce certain brainwaves (like alpha, beta, theta, delta). These brainwaves are found in emotional and mental states such as focus, clarity, empathy, or deep relaxation.

PandoraStar offers a variety of programs, each designed with a distinct purpose. We're here to assist you in selecting the perfect one for your experience. Whether enjoyed with massage therapy or as a stand alone experience, PandoraStar ensures an enjoyable journey that Flow Massage is thrilled to provide.

Are you ready to  ...?
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Try something new

Embrace a novel method to explore your inner wisdom and creativity.
Discover the effects of our unique light therapy, fostering feelings of serenity, mental clarity, and heightened concentration.

Alter your state in minutes

The light is often used for entering meditation, hypnosis, and trance states for personal and spiritual development. It assists users in reaching profound relaxation, boosting creativity, sharpening focus, and facilitating personal transformation.

Harness the power of light and music 

In our carefully designed room, music played through noise-canceling headphones will complement the flow of your experience, creating a calm and comforting atmosphere. This space is dedicated to facilitating deep integration. You are invited to bring your journal to download insights from your Pandora Star experience.



For the initial session, we suggest a 30-minute duration to allow time for integration and acclimating to the light therapy. Following sessions will be one hour in length. You are welcome to finish earlier if necessary.


Yes, PandoraStar is safe, user-friendly and entirely within your control. Your eyes will be closed, but even if you were to open your eyes, they would naturally squint in response to the brightness of the lights. 


Using PandoraStar may contribute to a sense of relaxation and well-being, while supporting emotional balance, creativity, intuition, physical comfort, restful sleep, and overall vitality.


PandoraStar is not recommended for individuals with epilepsy, psychiatric conditions, or pregnant women. If you're uncertain whether this therapy is right for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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